Land Restoration

Prior to 1990, there were thousands of small sand and gravel pits operated in southern Ontario.

If you are a property owner and have unusable areas that require restoration, we can help.

The process can be very difficult, surveying, waterflow studies, engineering, multiple permits, trucking, and grading costs. Source materials need to be tested, monitored, and MOE standards met.

We tackle all of the issues, alway at a significant benefit to the property owner to the property owner.

Partnership in Restoration

The cost of filling abandoned sand and gravel pits is prohibitive.

We work with development projects that pay us to remove and dispose of clean fill. This presents an oportunity for property owners to have clean fill brought in for free or in many cases for a profit.

It may be possible to restore an old pit or upgrade a non-productive farming area at little or no cost to the property owner.

We work in conjunction with the Conservation authorities and Region authorities to set up the permits required to undertake these projects.

Sub Divisions and development

Often in setting up sub division applications there is a requirement to bring the grades up to an acceptable level.

Conservation authorities and Towns/Cities require that sub division applications include grades that bring divided lots above water tables and flood plains.

Upgrading Fields

In many areas there is to little soil to till a field leaving large tracts of non producing farmland.

Bringing in fill and topsoil can create new production areas and increase income.

Developers pay us to remove fill and topsoil. Often we can deliver it and grade it for free.

We work within Conservation Authority and Township guidlines. Fill materials are tested and and Ministry of Environment standards are strictly adhered to.

“In order to get our sub division application approved we were required to bring in 20,000 cubic meters of tested clean fill. The cost at $200 per truck load was $400,000. We found and Jay got it done at no cost to us. Our application was approved and the building lots have been sold.”

Cassie, Erin